Inspirers & Instructors

It's been a very short journey, but an intense one. I've changed formulas, explored several different substrates and at last count have made about 75 paintings in these my first 35 days.

There are several artists that not only inspired me, but informed and continue to inform me.They are Rick Cheadle, Anne MarieRoddderhof and Deby @ Acrylic Pouring. 

Rick Cheadle 

Anne Marie Ridderhof  

I began with and had immediate success and gratification using Rick Cheadle's basic PVA formula. Then I watched more and became concerned about the archival-- and as a hand papermaker, I can relate to the warnings and possible issues about the use of PVA and so began to search for other pouring mediums and formulas. Then I was less successful in getting cells.

I began with what I had at hand --tubes of Liquitex, Windsor Newton, some Liquitex liquid acrylics, a bit of Pebeo. Then I tried house paint and ordered samples. 

I've settled on a love of Lumiere, Golden's and Liquitex in various forms, striving most for a consistency in fluidity/viscosity before I add silicone. I await the arrival of some dimethicone so I can explore what that might result in.

Along the way I came across a spinner, Lori of Peace 9 art who employs acrylic pouring as she spins her substrates. I'll write more about that another time as she sent me on another, though related, journey.

Caren Goodrich, Acrylic Paint Pouring: Create Flowers With a Blown Puddle Pour blew my mind. This was so much fun and so organic and yet controlled.  Her example inspired these. I dried the one you see first, so that the flower goes beyond the paper (Strathmore Acrylic Paper) by drying it on freezer paper and blowing beyond the edge.

Puddle poured flowers breaking the boundary.


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