Multipouring, Micropours

To recap, about July 12th I became entranced, smitten, enamored  of the idea of acrylic pouring as a method for image making. 

It combines a bit of serendipity, as well as planning; some understanding of physics and color theory helps, as well as the desire to explore and experiment. Your expected outcome may not be your outcome and every session offers some kind of surprise. 

It's been a great way to spend my "summer vacation" - my yearly stray away from what I usually do to create.  And it's burning through me like a fever.

I attached to the idea of ever smaller, and smaller, mini pours, micro pours and then, working smaller, multiple pours-- different from the YouTube artists demonstrating their processes.

My tools for these are medicine cups, communion cups, plastic spray bottle caps (the protective caps that prevent you from inadvertently pressing the spray).

The idea of multiple multi-pours rolled around in my mind for awhile. 
I could put several little medicine or communion cups on a Chinese food lid and flip them,but I had to be really focused. Then I realized that something with multiple compartments could give me the effect I was looking ice cube tray!!!! 

I sought one from my local grocery store, but it wasn't the old square/ rectangular ice molds that I remember. Then, searching online, I found what I wanted! 

Zenware 20 Cube Silicone Ice Cube Tray Mold

This was the smallest one I could find -- the cells are only 1" and the overall size is 6" x 4.75" x 2". While I wish there was one half this size -- I'm unwilling to cut it up and have used it as is; first to create a painting based on the July challenge colors yellow, magenta and blue.


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