Preparing for the Exchange

I'm participating in my first swap - a 10X10, with an assigned stranger.
My run of  happy results was halted when I made my first attempt.
It's not the spectacular representation of my vision that I hoped it would be. It turned out far more subdued with fewer cells. Then I made some more and my latest one has caused me to halt and reassess. I'm not varying my technique and the more cautious care is not yielding the exuberant interaction of colors.

So I began a list of techniques that I could review as I mix paints:

1. Flip a dirty cup for full coverage
2. Flip a dirty cup in negative space
3. drag a dirty in negative sapce
4. (Flip) Multi pour in negative space ( ice cube tray)
5. (flip) Multi dirty cup in negative space
6. Flip Multi dirty cups for full coverage
7. Puddle pour for full coverage
8. Puddle pour for partial coverage
9. Blown Puddle pour- negative space (flowers/ radii)
10. Multi puddle flip (mini loaf pan/horizontal)
11. Contained ring puddle pour
12. Open bottom dirty pour
13. Pastry nag squirt puddle pour
14. Horizontal Swipe
15. Vertical swipe
16. Partial and opportunistic swipe


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