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Acrylic pouring/fluid painting had resonance for me in that it  was connected to other explorations.

I had just gone through a spate of object painting and color mixing in painting my Dream Boats, so I had paint at the ready to press into service and a bunch of sticks from outdoors and from saved ices' sticks.

I have this beloved utility table, height adjustable, 30" x 20"  adjusts from 21" to 28" :21", 24", 26" and 28". I own two -- one for wet work, papermaking, and the other for dry work.

This I cover with clear plastic garbage bags and freezer wrap paper.

The freezer paper, in addition to offering a bright white reflective surface, offers a great way to collects drips, spills and to thereby acquire "skins",  which are the easily removable dried spatters of acrylic paint.

I bought some SureFresh mini-storage containers, having been introduced to them during a stitch marker swap. I loved the portabilty and the closure, their price is right, too. They are a great way to mix small batches -- enough for more than one pour, but not for many.Their snap on lids keep paints fresh and at the ready.

So wipes --paint gets around and even though I most often wear gloves they too need a quick wipe to keep from smudging a canvas or leaving a stray paint fingerprint someplace. Wipes are one of my favorite tools. 

I've begun saving them -- at first for multiple uses, as the print of different colors on them is so attractive, now I see boat sails and stuffed birds made out of the paint-soiled wipes.

Huggies 648 for about $13

Skewers – from my grocery store
O skewers, how I love thee, for  scraping a bit of grime from a corner, to guiding paint flow, to wiping missed edges for overflow, to adding dots, to stirring paint in small containers. I break them in half -- as they're 12" long, use the pointy bit for pointy-bit action and the tiny round top for  dot making and other paint manipulating

Sticks – bark free and dried from my yard, that's what I used until I copied what I saw on YouTube and bought Tongue Depressors:

$4.41 for 500

REliamed powder free exam gloves 1,000

I have other uses for these and I use a lot, so I buy them 1,000 at a time, save a bunch of money and always have gloves when I need them.

I love multiple pours and mini pours. I wanted something smaller than a medicine cup but larger than a spray bottle cover cap (though I use those too) .Communion cups have just the right shape and hold the perfect amount of paint for mini pours or multiple pours.

Communion cups

This isn't a great price -- so I take care to get at least three uses out them, but if you like the minipour technique, you might buy greater quantity and realize greater savings. But the shape and the size are just right.

I've seen folks use pippettes to add water to their paint -- I use a spray bottle of water to add small amounts of water to my little containers.

Spray bottle

I mentioned mini pours--- to cover a 4X4 I use about 1.5 oz and to do a negative space pour I use about 3/4 oz  which is clear to see using a medicine cup. I love these in combination with communion cups for multiple pours on small canvasses or as additions to larger canvases.  If you've got a kind doctor, perhaps you can beg a few and try them out. 
A pre-spray or wipe of silicon keeps paint from sticking to the cups.

Solo Cups, Plastic, Bathroom, 3 Oz
150 for 3.29 from my grocery store

These are my go-tos for pouring  -- I fill it up for a negative on a 12X 12. Filled, it covers an 8 x8 .. 3 oz seems to be the perfect size for me.


I bought one of these earlier in the year, to dry my handmade paper.
It's been fabulous for many canvasses, though not all  because some are too deep, but it's done fabulous work on my pourings on paper. They dry safely and well in this. I bought it after much searching and the usual artist equivalent racks costs hundreds of dollars as compared to this one.

Sax Stack-a-Rack Modular Mobile Drying Rack - 17 x 21 x 30 inches - Red 

Sax Stack-a-Rack Modular Mobile Drying Rack - 17 x 21 x 30 inches - Red

I tried swiping almost immediately -- these are from day 2, July 14, 2017.


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